Game Publisher Support

Can I speak directly to the game publisher's support team?

Absolutely, however if you are having a problem with a game you bought through the GameMiles Store, please take the time to contact us first so that we can try and help.


How do I know which publisher I should contact if needed?

The publisher’s name is listed s part of the product information for each specific game.


What is some of the information that I should have before I contact a publisher directly?

Start by running DXDIAG report if your game is crashing, freezing, or not launching properly.  This report is important because it gives the support team a broader view of your computer's specs and configurations and allows them to identify abnormalities. To generate the DXDIAG report, do the following:

• Click START on your Windows toolbar

• In the search box, type DXDIAG and press ENTER

• When the DXDIAG opens, select SAVE ALL INFORMATION

• This will create a notepad file with the DXDIAG report which you can then submit

You should also take screenshots or pictures that serve as evidence of the problem. Preferably, avoid sending images that are heavier than 1 MB. The more useful pictures you send, the easier it'll be to identify the issue!